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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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francisco for 102 years. we are asking for a little bit of support over the next couple of years as we pledge to work with the city and the office of employment and work-force development. the support we would ask is that there is a provision our capability to the ordinance to suspend any fines for our specialized trade as we work with our partners in the industry and in the city towards compliance. chairperson avalos: i am glad to hear there is an openness for complying with the ordinance. i am glad the flexibility works on many levels. the penalties do not just include fines. there will be other ways we can get around that and we have built in ways to be flexible. we can have an ongoing discussion about that and a relationship built around how
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to make it work and a commitment. it is going to take changing with the times. the times that are changing. everything is moving forward. let's get on the same page and make it happen. >> one element i would like to stress is that as you are i am sure well aware dealing with strong unions -- they have the reluctance to change. in order for us to continue to succeed, we are going to need to make some pretty substantial changes with our partners in labor. if we can get help from the city, which would greatly appreciate that. we are concerned and nervous about being able to meet the mandates. we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. by lifting state law has
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penalties or a loss of license. if we violate the cba, there are fines, and if we violate this ordinance, there are fines. everywhere we turn in order to ensure we can comply, there is a portion that is difficult for us. we are really going to need some support in the short run. chairperson avalos: whatever publican give to help people to change practices, we will do. i think this is one time where it is necessary to discard some old ways and come forward with some new ways. there are a lot of unions that have asked for some flexibility to help them be better oriented toward this ordinance. i think changing those ways around a main call and building a pipeline and apprenticeship program is going to be the way to go. to the extent you can work with my office and the office of
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economic and work-force development and other city departments to make it happen, we are here to make it a bit easier for you. >> i appreciate that. we will use your help. thank you. >> good afternoon. ♪ to be hired to the limit standing tall for a chance to work with you i'd gladly risk it all through the sict -- city fire through the limits and do it all for a chance to be working with you i'd really risk it all right down to the electric wire even through the city fire promise won't get fired
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through the city fire through the limits working do it all for a chance to work with you i'd really risk it all right down to the electric wire and i promise won't get fired ♪ chairperson avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. ace washington and espinoal jackson. >> my name is greg docks with a service to the board of supervisors in the community, also to the mayor's administration. i just want to say i was watching the legislation on the cutting edge.
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this by far is the one that has seen implementation with the sincerity of making it work. looking at the culture across the country -- osiris is pro union. we support the unions. we just do not support what happens behind the doors. it is time for the unions to come forth and start implementing. i am not saying all unions are the same across the board, but the ones we have identified. we have everything in place. i am calling out to the cbo's to understand we have to collectively work together. the city officials, the mayor's office -- they have been doing work to make sure this works. we need to work collectively to make this work. it is like a chain in a bicycle. you get one snag and it can stop the process.
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now the ball is in the community's court, let us get this thing going. >> my name is washington -- is ace washington. i am here to congratulate those of you who put this legislation together. i have been monitoring since this started last year. i am here to tell all the new people here that all these new programs -- i am sure espinola is the only one who has been here longer than i have. i have been here 20 years, when we used to go to jail for these good faith efforts. it started in my community, the western addition. i am appalled by everyone in these groups that had not even invited no one from the field no more. everybody in the city thinks it is the field. but that is where the blood,
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sweat, and tears started. that is where we had to stop everybody. i am from the department of regulations, a new department that is going to come to city hall would you like it or not, that will be watching all these caretakers, city build and all that. where is the mechanism to increase this agency? it is not all peaches and cream. there must be a mechanism. i have been monitoring and regulating. i do not have to have a big bankroll, a big computers, or office space. what i do is in my heart. each one of these city departments has to be monitored.
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their handling everything. redevelopment has passed everything down to this department. but right now i think they need to be audited to find out what they are doing. i will bring the reporting as we go on. thanks a lot. chairperson avalos: any other members of the public would like to comment after ms. jackson, please come forward. >> good afternoon. i would like to agree with some of the things the last figure stated. i went through the packet, 45 pages. there are questions that i have. another is going to be a meeting on the 18th, and i have given this sheet to the work force as well as city build. i have questions on page 16,
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page 24, page 28, page 29, and page 31 of the ordinance. you need to look at it very carefully. i have questions and i want to give you this so you can add into it. at the very end, who is going to be auditing the performance of city built and the oewd? i see what you are trying to do is real for the citizens of san francisco. but i see some downfalls and cracks, because there is a lot of games that are being played here where you are giving of considerations to who was first established to do what those groups are doing. that is the human rights commission as well as -- they change the name. the right things in this city. --they rewrite things in this
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city. oewd used to be cdbg. that was a body that took care of all the cbo's in this city. it started from a block grant. i would like to talk with you further down the road before the 18th, because there is a lot of history that has been done in this city. human rights' the others to me has been clipped not doing the job they are supposed to be doing with this ordinance. thank you very much. chairperson avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> josh, by one defense project. i want to thank supervisor avalos for his continuing
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efforts to move this exciting series of policy changes, and to mayor lee and all the departments here. airport, i think it is a testimony we are committing to the aggressive time line laid out in the local higher ordinance. from wanted to make some comments. i want to endorse the statements of jerron brown from power. i want to speak to the face of local hire. we all saw them at the press conference in the mission district. there were 42 students going through the program, faces that are hungry for opportunity, that are ready and excited about new opportunities. i was just at asian neighborhood design at 11:00 this morning, where they graduated 17 more students. every day, the myth that there is a lack of interest, capacity, capability, and know how within our communities is
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obliterated here in san francisco. there is a pool of workers that are ready to take advantage of these opportunities. it is important we keep moving forward to do that, to connect hope and expectation with reality. the economy is not always going to be like this. the jobs are going to come. there are discussions about how we do that. it is going to turn around. this gives us time to pursue our partnerships with laborers, partnerships with engineers, contractors that have stepped forward, local folks that want to make this work. that is the spirit of the partnerships we can create. to the gentleman who spoke about the challenges, i think the challenges are also in communities. if they do not start swimming, they are going to sink like a stone. let us not start. let us use a city i.d. card to
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prove residency. >> i am a union painter. i was listening to all these different trades you had going on and you never mentioned my trade. everybody is talking about different things. do not forget us. chairperson avalos: thank you. >> good afternoon, chairman and members of the committee. i am jim salinas. i have lived here my entire life. after hearing some of the things that were said here, everybody is going to do this. you just heard the electrical contractors association.
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everybody is pointing the finger elsewhere but themselves parian you have to know that the system is integrated into the culture. if you do not fall into one of three categories, if you are not a friend of the contractor, you are not going to go to work. we always have the bulk of the work, but we have the least amount of work hours. let me tell you that i worked on the original project labor agreement, the project stabilization. we came as a result of the fact that i sat on the executive committee.
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we got all the dbos -- cbos from san francisco and we did not get the jobs. what i hope is happening is that the general contractors will ultimately signed documents indicating that they are here to support local hiring. city building has been an abysmal failure. it is not working. for many years, no matter what anybody says, you have the wrong people over there. i have never in my life as an adult advocated on behalf of folks losing their jobs, but you need new people over there because it does not work. chairperson avalos: seeing no one else come forward, we will close public comment.
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supervisor mar: i wanted to follow up with the question that was raised by joshua and jared brown and the progress of workers' organization. the advocate for a clearing house to achieve journeymen positions in different trade unions. i am wondering if that is something the one-stop centers have considered, the proposal by different workers' organizations. >> pm rodriguez -- gilliermo rodriguez, office of work force development. this is something the individual state-certified approach as programs are responsible for. the department of resources has
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something within its budget to do activities around informing residents in constituencies. that information is not getting out to the broader public. certainly an idea that was generated by the community has been to look at having a centralized clearing house. the calendar of when opportunities opened up, to make that available to the public -- the legislation to get into a state-certified apprentice program, you do not need to be a graduate of city build. an individual can directly apply. we need to get that kind of information into the hands of community groups. we need to do a better job at centralizing that information and distributing not broadly. there are some individuals who
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are capable and ready to apply directly. this is something we are looking at and trying to rule that out. supervisor mar: it helps break down the old boys' network of certain craft and would make it more acceptable. we should put something together at the urging of the community groups. chairperson avalos: i also had you done for cleanup on this hearing, if there are any responses or anything you had to add about this hearing before we close it. >> i think just a couple of buckets of items to close the loop on, in terms of some of the issues raised in public comment. i think this board of supervisors clearly sees the partnership that has been developed with all the
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enterprise departments who are engaged with us, and really building a team of individuals. we did not touch on the issue of monitoring compliance. the legislation speaks about being more transparent. you had some of the department's use some of the training. we are looking at the web as one vehicle, bringing together community-based organizations, and sharing with them where we stand. we are removing the issue of transparency forward in terms of the workers on an individual project. equally, we are doing to assist contractors -- you have heard from different department heads
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talk about items that are covered and not covered. working with the office of contract administration, right now we house all the contracts that are bid their -- there, delineating which are subject to the new ordinance, so people understand when they are bidding. we are developing a better clearing house for passing that information onto folks. some of the concerns from the contractors association -- we have met with them in numerous occasions. we are exploring some of the offense and opportunities that are available to them, from
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looking at other classifications where there are greater opportunities for san francisco residents to work, looking at ideas of increased training. they are interested in working to make sure we have a pipeline of san francisco residents who will not only meet the minimum qualifications necessary for apprenticing and the electrical union. we are having that engagement and conversations with multiple crops and contractors to try to roll out the implementation of this program in a very streamlined, transparent way, being responsive to the spirit of the legislation and the need for transparency. chairperson avalos: one of the things that was discussed was doing some sort of faq for the workers. is that in the works? what efforts have you put in place for that?
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>> launched the implementation, on the website we have a web page where we are putting copies of all the materials we are developing. there is information for residents seeking opportunities either for training, or if they are an experienced construction worker so they can take advantage of these opportunities. also listing the bid documents can be available on the oewd website. chairperson avalos: it would be great to have a document which to pass out. my office gets a lot of visits and phone calls. it would be great if we had a document to pass out to people. that language would be helpful. thank you so much.
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is there anything else before we close that you have to add? ok. i want to thank you for your work in pulling together our different departments. thanks participation today from general manager ed harrington, mr. roh hand, airport director john martin, the dpw director. thank you for your work on this. we will continue this item to the call of the chair. rhonda simmons as well. this whole hearing came together with the support of rhonda simmons and chris iglesias and others, all of whose work has been instrumental. thank you to the members of the public for coming here. we will continue this item to the call of the chair and will get updated as to proceed.
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without objection, thank you colleagues. we have one more item, item five. >> item 5, resolution encouraging avalon bay communities to sub-contract 0 carpenter crafts to irresponsible contractor that pays area standard wages and benefits and has a state of california certified apprenticeship program and trim an upgrade training. chairperson avalos: thank you ms. johnson. i wrote this resolution up with a concern about the avalon bay project at mission ave, concerned that despite the better neighborhoods plan that is part of the zoning that would help this project to go forward, despite the efforts of the city putting this project in place with avalon bay, we are still
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looking at of subcontractors that could be coming in that do not meet the same labor standards that are common in the field, especially in the labor field in san francisco, not just prevailing wages, certainly, but non-union as well. this resolution is encouraging avalon day to consider more strongly the use of union work at the site. that is essentially what it does. i will open it up for public comment. one card from jim salinas. >> manny florez, carpenters local 22. work is picking up, but wages are going backwards. that is what we do not want to
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do on this project. this is a huge project. avalon bay are well aware of the situation. they have been there. they know how this works. we are hoping we can resolve that. our office hasn't had any dialogue. we are hoping we can get this resolved it and get some kind of resolution we could come to agree upon that would come to area standards. there are a lot of people in that neighborhood that are san francisco residents that live in that area. we consider this a win-win. it is up to avalon day. we hope they get the measures. with that, thank you very much.
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supervisor elsbernd: can i ask you a question? would you guys be willing to use your market recovery fund to help close the $3 million difference between the lowest bidder and the union better? would you be willing to open up your market recovery fund to help close the gap between the $3 million bid by the lowest bidder and the lowest union better? >> that is something i cannot answer. i can make a phone call. supervisor elsbernd: we got a letter from them saying they asked you to do that and you have not responded. chairperson avalos: the letter said that bob alvarado was asked about it. some of the contractors who have been identified as potential contractors here do not even pay prevailing wages, are well below the standard usually applied in san francisco. >> i can bring that back to his
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attention. chairperson avalos: next speaker, please. >> jim salinas. i want to thank you again. i do not know if i got to do that under public commentary on the last agenda item, but i want to thank you for spearheading this thing. as you well know, the level of violence in the community has been horrendous, especially in the mission district lately. these job opportunities have really helped to alleviate that level of violence that with the have. on this item, i am hoping that your efforts to bring this contractor around will lead to this individual that apparently has a $3 million deficit on his bid.
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the only way that can happen is when people are cheating. if you have $3 million in difference, it is because they are going to use it on the backs of the working men and women. hopefully, we will be in a position to make sure these people are paying prevailing wages. hopefully this contractor will look to make sure you do hire a percentage of local hiring. thank you, supervisors, for the good work you do. thanks. >> josh, brightline defense project. we strongly support this resolution for a responsible contractor pays area standard wages and benefits in addition to job training and journeymen upgrade training. avalon, as far as we are aware, is considering using


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